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Dr. Rasheena Bansal aims to develop and provide Children Eye Care Services  with Compassion and Care and serve people from all over India - Delhi NCR - Paediatric Ophthalmolgist South Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi, Faridabad, Greater Noida, Noida, Indirapuram, Gurugram, Dwarka, Vasant Kunj and Lajpat Nagar, India and surrounding areas to deal with Childhood Eye Disorders causing visual impairment and Childhood blindness. With advancements in medical care all across the world, a void has been filled with the creation of Pediatric Ophthalmology as a sub-specialty of Ophthalmology for the treatment of Childhood eye problems and patients with Squint/ other Eye movement disorders. Headed by our Pediatric Ophthalmologist (Dr.Rasheena Bansal), who was awarded Fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus (Squint) & Neuro-ophthalmology, by LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, with an excellent performance certificate after her post-graduation from Aravind Eye Hospital & Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology, Madurai – both Institutes of International repute. She started the PEDIA VISION Children Eye Care and Squint Centre 20 years back and caters to all the eye care needs of children in this region, all over India and Internationally. We also provide eye care to the underpriveledged and unreached through our community outreach services and charitable associations.


I provide comprehensive care for babies, children, and adolescents with squint/ ocular motility problems. Routinely children are unable to tell the problem. so it is our duty to diagnose the problem at the earliest and treat it so as to avoid problems like amblyopia (lazy eye) in children. Vision screening is done through school screening camps where children who are diagnosed with any problem are referred to our Pediatric ophthalmologist. Whether supporting an infant with pediatric cataracts treating a toddler in an emergency with trauma/ injury or treating an adult with abnormal eye movements or squint, we are dedicated to the care of each patient. Examining children needs special skills and their treatment protocols require specific training, knowledge and equipment. We have built the infrastructure for service delivery including equipping the facilities and supporting community work, along with development of all cadres of human resources required. We have a dedicated paediatric eye care team comprising of an ophthalmologist, anaesthesiologist, optometrist, nurse and outreach coordinator who have undergone specific training in the management of eye diseases in children. Children mostly present with blurry vision due to Refractive errors , Squint, Eye allergy, Watering, Childhood Cataract etc. Myopia is now becoming an epidemic and we run a special Myopia Control Clinic to cater to this epidemic and save the future of our children. Our mission is to protect the vision of our community’s most valuable resource – its children.

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