Squint Surgery

Squint Surgery in Delhi

Squint( Strabismus) is present in about 4 of children across the globe. Squint is the misalignment of the eye where the two eyes are refocused in different directions. This may be congential, which can be due to poor development of eye muscle, injury, and several other reasons. Early treatment can amend the essential and normal visual development.

Squint Surgery Procedure

Prior to surgery

• You'll attend apre-operative assessment – some simple tests will be done to check that you can have the operation and you will have the chance to ask any questions about it
• You'll be told when to come into medical centre for the procedure and when you should stop eating and drinking beforehand
• You'll need to sort out how you will be getting home – you can generally go home the same day, immaculately with a friend or family member to protect you( as you may be sleepy); you won't be suitable to drive for at least a day or two if you've had surgery

During the procedure

• The eye is held open using an instrument called a lid speculum – occasionally it may be necessary to operate on both eyes to get the alignment right
• The surgeon unfasten part of the muscle connected to the eye & moves it into a new position so that the eyes point in the same direction
• The muscles are fixed in their new position with dissolvable pang – these are hidden behind the eye so you won't be suitable to see them latterly.

After Surgery

May be you get some experience of side effects
• Eye pain – this tends to last at least many days and frequently  feels like sand or gravel in the eye; taking simple anodynes (painkiller) similar  as paracetamol can assist even children under 16 shouldn't be given medicine 
• Red eyes – this can last for a couple of months; you may also have blood in your rip up for a day or two
• Itchy eyes – this is caused by the pang and it may last a many weeks until they dissolve; try not to rub your eyes
• Double vision – this generally passes after a week or so, but can last longer

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