Syringing And Probing


Many children have blocked tear ducts for which eye massage is prescribed. When the eye massage does not work within 1 year a cleaning procedure called Probing is performed. In the probing procedure, a thin wire is passed to open the tube. We provide distinctly different technique of probing using cannulated lacrimal probes.

o TIMING OF SURGERYIf there is no relief by massage done until 1 year of age, it is advisable to get the procedure done.

o TISSUE HANDLINGVery delicate soft tissue, therefore requires special handling with specialized techniques.

o SURGERY TIMESurgery takes approx. 10 minutes per eye. If it is bilateral, it can be performed in the same sitting.

o POSTOPERATIVE CAREIf the surgery is done under general anaesthesia, food restriction is there for 6 hours post surgery. The patient/child can resume all the activities from the next day after the surgery.

o SUCCESS RATE Ranges from 90 -95%.

o RESURGERYSome cases may require re-probing. If it fails in first probing, it is repeated again after 2-3 months. If it still fails, silicon intubation or a major surgery i.e, Paediatric dacryocystorhinostomy may be required.

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