Low Vision Aids

Low Vision Prescription in Delhi

Patients with low vision can find it hard to perform everyday activity like driving, reading, or blurry faces Sorely, numerous sufferer are told that there's nothing to be done, result in a loss of desire in addition to their loss of independence.
Low vision aids assist you visually navigate the regular challenges posed by eye conditions like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa. The success of these appliance is well- proved.
With the help of these innovative vision aids, magnifiers, spectacles, appliances, and other technologies, a low vision eye consultant can help sufferer of all age overcome the limitations of low vision.

Types of Low vision  

Loss of central vision: There's a eyeless spot in the center of one's vision.
Loss of side vision: The incapability to see anything to either side, over, or below eye position. Central vision, still, remains perfect.
Night blindness: The incapability to see in inadequately  lit areas like theaters, as well as outdoors at night.
Blurry vision: Objects both near and far off appear out of focus.
Hazy vision: The entire field of vision appears to be covered with a film or glower.

Optometrist Prescribe Low Vision Aids

Magnifying Specs 
Magnifying Specs are worn like eyeglasses, and help you see better for tasks like reading, threading a needle, stich etc. Hand-free magnifiers, allowing you to work with your hands

Stand Magnifiers
These magnifiers are placed down from your eye, on the object you're trying to read. The handheld types are also available for reading, and these generally have erected - in lights. In case you have a  arthritis, stand magnifiers are best suited for you.

Tele Microscope
Telescope spectacles enable one or more see distant objects, like as a road sign while driving, and microscope spectacles offer better up-close vision for tasks like reading the news-paper or a phone screen.

Video Magnifiers
These electronic tools make printed text or image and look text or image bigger. The cheapest available “ video magnifiers ” are in smartphones and tablets that allow you to increase discrepancy and font size of text .

OrCam Read
OrCam Read is a handheld reading device for people with mild low vision, reading fatigue, and reading issues, including dyslexia. It has a smart camera that reads text audibly from any print text or digital screen. OrCam Read enables  to read a book, a bill, or the print edition of the morning news, and can also read from digital display.

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