Prism Glasses

Prism glasses Help In Double Vision: Child Eye Specialist

Prism glasees are primarily used for the person who witness the types of double vision caused by eye movement problems like hypermetropia. Other conditions, like a head injury, stroke or diabetes, can also lead to nerves damage and or weakness in the muscles that control eye movement.
When these muscles don’t work duly, the eyes get misaligned, causing double vision. Prism glasses are made up of customized prism lenses that bend light entering the eyes to make sure the light falls in the same spot on both retinas, indeed though they aren't aligned. The lenses help the eyes work together to get a single image.

Diplopia could be caused by other things. A prism is not always the result for all cases of double vision. Since this vision problem could be a symptom of a severe health condition, you must consult your eye consultant to determine what exactly is causing it. In numerous cases, double vision occurs due to eye misalignment. Prism glasses may help fix your double vision if the misalignment is caused by eye muscle problems like hypermetropia or nerves - related treat like diabetes mellitus. Prism correction may also work for you if your diplopia is due to a neurological or brain- related problem, like a migraine, head injury, or stroke.

How Do Prism Glasses Work?

Prism glasses bend light in a way that the images seen by your eyes are moved into the position they need to be in, arise in realigned images. When the images seen by your two eyes are realigned, your brain can convert them into one, singular image. This is why prism glasses are an effective tool for correcting double vision, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and numerous other uncomfortable symptoms.

Your Optometrist may Consult Prism glasses if you struggle with:

Problem face in Eye Coordination: movement sickness, nausea, poor depth perception, instability while walking or drifting to one side while walking and lack of coordination, with symptoms being look like to those seen in sufferer with MS, sufferer who have experience such  stroke, an inner ear complaint, or Meniere’s Disease.
Pain in eyes or body : Eye pain or pain with eye movement( symptoms such as sinus problems, migraines, TMJ problems); neck pain and upper back pain due to a head dizz ( such as to spinal misalignment symptoms).
Reading Symptoms: Difficulty with consentration ( symptoms such as to those person how face  ADHD), difficulty with reading , skipping lines while reading, losing one’s place while reading, words running together while reading( symptoms such as to those seen with a literacy disability).Prism reading spectacles can reduce or exclude these symptoms.
Vision Symptoms: Blurred vision, double or lapping vision, shadowed vision( symptoms such as to those seen in sufferer with MS), light perceptivity, difficulty with light or reflection. For those who suffer from double vision spectacles with prism can help exclude symptoms.
Cerebral Symptoms: Feeling overwhelmed or anxious when in large contained spaces like specs shops or big box stores like WalMart, when in crowds or while driving( symptoms such as those seen in sufferer with anxiety or agoraphobia).

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