Can Squint go away on its own ?

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MYTH: Squint in small Children will go away on their own. Well, we're here to bust all the myths you might believe in.

FACT: In children, squint may develop at any age. It does not go away but rather progresses with time.

Let's discuss this in detail now. Most people have eyes that work together as a pair. Your brain will receive similar but slightly different pictures from each eye so it can join them together to allow you to have binocular and three-dimensional (3D) vision. This allows you to have depth perception (also known as stereopsis) and to judge how far away things are.

 The movement of each eye is controlled by six muscles that move your eyeball in different directions. When these muscles don't work in coordination, squint occurs. Squint is one of the most common eye problems in children.

Dr. Rasheena Bansal, Paediatric Ophthalmologist at PEDIA VISION Children's Eye Care recommends that all children should have their eyes checked once before their first, third, and fifth birthdays. We offer the latest eye treatment for common eye movement and alignment disorders in children such as squint and lazy eye, at the most reasonable cost. The latest techniques of squint surgery - recession resection, Muscle Plication, Adjustable muscle surgery, Muscle transplantation, Transposition, and oblique muscle surgeries are done here.

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