What age should we get a childs eye tested

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Any child's first eye test is done at birth, where your paediatrician looks for the red reflex in the eye with an ophthalmoscope. (Similar to the red reflex you see while clicking your child's photographs) Also it helps rule out any birth defects or infections at birth. If your Paediatrician has any doubt , She/ he refers you to a Paediatric Ophthalmologist.

Child's eye is a growing organ and the major growth period is during first 2 years of life. Then the growth is slower and continues until 8 years of age , where it attains the adult size and shape.

Any child who is born premature, post birth complications like delayed cry, hypoglycaemia (Reduced sugar levels at birth) or hypoxia (oxygen deficiency where NICU admission was required) should have one check up before 1 month of age (tees din roshni ke), to save them from developing complications like retinal detachment and permanent visual loss.

A child with developmental delay, delayed milestones, Cerebral palsy or autism spectrum should have an eye check up to rule out glasses power, squint and any metabolic issues which can be picked up by eye examination.

A paediatric ophthalmologist can check eyes as early as at birth. Children who have one or both parents having glasses power should have first eye check up by 6 months of age and then at one year, followed by every 6 months follow up. 

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"See By Three"
Every Child should have one check up by 3 years of age.