How does a Squint affect our vision?

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If your child develops a Squint, it means each eye is looking in a different direction and their eyes are sending different pictures to the brain.

Their brain finds it difficult to merge the two pictures into one clear image because the pictures are so different. This means their eyes have stopped working together and would ordinarily, in an adult, cause double vision.

However, as your child's visual system is still developing the brain can easily adapt to stop this double vision by ignoring the image coming from the eye with the squint. They will use only the vision from their better/straight eye.

The brain "switching off" the vision from the squinting eye is called "suppression" and this may cause the vision in that eye to become poor because it is not being used and cause Lazy eye or Amblyopia.

Children can easily adapt to using one eye and it may not be obvious from how they are acting that they have any problems with their eyes and vision. This may only be detected by having your child's eye tested by an eye care professional.

PEDIA VISION Children Eye Care offers holistic eye care for children from birth through adolescence with experienced Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Dr Rasheena Bansal, who can pick up even subtle signs critical in diagnosing vision issues in kids even when the verbal response is minimal.

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